Some of the best memories of my life involve dining with family and friends. Whether sharing an intimate conversation over a bottle of wine, a backyard BBQ on a sunny afternoon, or a dinner party, those moments and memories have all been celebrated with food.

I have always loved to cook, and when I found myself hosting such get-togethers more often, it became important to me that the food and drink I served to wasn't just good, but great. Eventually this lead to a need to know, not only how things are made, but how to make them right. For me it was a way to show how much I appreciated the people I cared about.

While living in Ireland, two of my flat mates were trained chefs, and when I showed an interest, they were happy to teach me. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be taught by a number of amazing chefs, from Europe New Orleans, Hawaii, and of course California.