Ours is a personalized service tailored specifically to your individual tastes and dietary requirements. Whether you just want appetizers and dessert; five courses or only one,it's entirely up to you.

During our consultation with you, we will discuss in detail what it is you want and then submit for your approval a custom, à la carte menu that provides you with a number of options that are both in season and that are harmoniously paired from one course to the next.

As a company and as individuals we are committed to the promotion and use of natural, organic, sustainable products whenever possible. As part of that commitment we source much of our produce fresh from local farmers, at local farmers' markets. The same goes for our meat and poultry.

Because of our commitment to providing the highest quality food to our clients, and because many food are seasonal by nature, our menus are often dependant on what is in season and available.

Fortunately, living in southern California, we enjoy much longer growing periods, and an incredible selection of local produce. Additionally we grow many of our own herbs and vegetables.